About us

At Bretton studios we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients' needs and aspirations. We provide creative design solutions for both residential and commercial clients within the fields of interior architecture, interior design and styling.

Bretton Studios was founded by Lisa Skelton and Lucy Sheeran, who both graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1993 and have worked in various areas of design since.

Lisa ran a successful textile design business, designing and selling a high quality brand of accessories to retail outlets around the world. In 2006 Lisa founded Skelton Harris Interiors, a styling and interior design consultancy, in response to the increasing demand for her work in this area. Her interior projects have ranged from complete house refurbishments to architectural developments, and colour and design consultancy work. As a stylist she has worked for both residential and commercial clients, including the hospitality and leisure sector. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Coast magazine, Country Homes and Interiors, House Beautiful, 25 beautiful homes. 

Lucy was an associate designer in one of the most prestigious commercial interior design practices in London for many years, designing high end bars, restaurants, shops and hotels internationally for a range of clients. She managed several small teams, taking each project from concept through to completion, often for the rich and famous! She then founded lucysheeran.com to work on a broad range of projects such as residential developments and refurbishment, graphic design and architectural illustration.

In 2013 Lucy and Lisa founded Bretton Studios, combining their design skills to work on a variety of exciting projects for a range of clients, both residential and commercial. They personally oversee every stage of each project and provide a specially tailored service for each of their clients. 



Our Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of the information that you trust us with, in order for us too create your design, seriously.

The GDPR ( General data protection regulations) have recently come into force, to ensure that the data you give to us, doesn't get into unscupulus hands. The data we may require from you in order to create your design is..your name, address, email address, phone numbers, and possible banking details. 

These are the measures we take so ensure your data's security to the best of our abilities.

Please be reassured that we will only use the information you give to us to :

*Liase with you regarding the design you have commissioned us to create, during the period of time that we are creating your design/ overseeing the building of your design, until you are satisfied that the job is complete.

*Pass your details to individuals/companies that YOU HAVE AGREED we can pass them to. The people we pass them to will be companies/individulas that are working on the project you have commissioned us to create. They will be companies such as the builders, tradespeople & subcontractors that will build your project. They may NOT then pass your details to a third party without your permission.


We have two separate offices.

Both offices have security systems. Any paperwork that contains your private information that is stored in a locked cupboard in one of the offices, when we're not using it. Once your project is completed, your information will only be kept digitally, on external hard drives that are kept in the same locked cupboard


While you correspond are with us via our brettonstudios.com email system, including enquiries@brettonstudios.comlucy@brettonstudios.com, and lisa@brettonstudios.com, each account is password protected on each device we use, with a different password on each account. Google also protect your privacy as follows: .  We may correspond between offices regarding your project, using a private hotmail email system. These emails are also protected by passwords on each device, and are protected by microsoft. https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-gb/privacystatement We will never use anything other than your first name in these discussions, and will never mention your address or phone numbers via these emails. 


We will only include photos/drawings of your project on our website, with your written permission.


We don’t keep any personal data on our computers. Archive copies of your designs drawings, any relevant correspondence and invoices required to be kept for tax are kept on an external hard drives. These are kept in locked cupboards in one of our offices.


When you pay via BACS, we cannot access any of your account information. We bank with Santander, and  Lloyds bank

Your privacy is protected by them :




If we send you design work/ samples via Royal mail, your privacy is protected by Royal Mail:  https://www.royalmail.com/privacy-policy/

COURIER DELIVERY   If we send you a parcel via DPD or UPS, we enter your name, address, and sometimes phone no.into the website www.parcell2go.com. After printing your delivery note, the only record of your delivery details we use, are kept on their website. We use a password to enter the website on all our devices, that is different from other passwords. Your privacy is then protected by them:





When we send you an invoice, we will keep a copy of it on our external hard drive, for tax purposes, for 7 years following it's issue date. The hard drive and any paper copies are kept in a locked cupboard in one of our offices.


Our accountants are Coates and Partners and Smith and Wilcox

The information we share with them is the information that is kept on the sites mentioned previously. These are Santander, Paypal, and Freeagent. No other data is shared with them. Coates and partners protect your data as follows: https://www.coatesandpartners.co.uk/privacy-policy