Mexican inspiration

If you're looking for something a bit different for the design of your bathroom, how about taking inspiration from ornately decorated mexican tiles?


We often get asked for something a little bit different when decorating the smallest room of a house or hotel. Bathrooms can be a great space in which to get a bit daring and creative with colour and pattern.

In the bathroom shown here, we have sourced these wonderful Mexican tiles from They are decorated with a beautiful range of colours....a blend of subtle yet striking blue, aubergine and green tones. We've used the tones to influence the other colours in the room. 

Together with the upcycled furniture and bespoke commissioned artisan wall lights, the atmosphere is a calming one, to help soothe away the stresses of the day.

Cottage bedroom

And so to bed...

We've recently finished the main bedroom in our Country Cottage project in North Yorkshire, and the result is a haven of calm. We thought we'd share some pictures of it with you here.

The colour scheme was lovely to work with, as the dominant colour is such a beautiful soft feminine shade of pink ( F&B setting plaster), which sets off the range of lovely fabrics used throughout the room.  We designed the room using a mixture of old and new furniture to give a contemporary country feel. We combined antique pieces such as the Edwardian bed and the upholstered settle, ( upholstered in Sanderson Sorilla linen) with contemporary elements such as the BTC Hector Bidendum wall lamps and stunning artwork by Ian Mitchell. 

Overall the room has a sophisticated yet cosy feel , a calm, original  sanctuary.... and a lovely space to lay your head.